Grad: Cheyenne [ NHS ]

I’m still alive!!!!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I’m just now coming out of the depths of my “to do” sticky notes, company ordering deadlines and trips to the Canada Post outlet.  It’s been pretty wild around here the past few weeks trying to design numerous wedding albums and fulfilling bazillions of client orders in time for Christmas.  Aside from a near hyperventilation attack at the possibility that Canada Post lost a VERY important package going to a bride out west, I think I’m going to make it through with relatively minimal drama this year =)

So, yesterday I had the ridiculously fabulous privilege of photographing Cheyenne out in the snow.  She showed up lookin’ all super fine after having her make-up done by Patti at Made You Blush here in Woodstock.  She seemed up for anything, so we loaded up my awesome new vintage chair that I’ve been just dying to use for a session and headed down the road.  Basically, Cheyenne + snow + vintage green chair = a very very happy Heather.  Don’t they just look FABULOUS together??


My favourite little boy in the whole world turns one tomorrow, so I’ll be doing a big post tomorrow with lots of pictures from the past year!  I also have pictures from a fun extra that I did at my last wedding, some images of my new albums I want to show, as well as one seriously cheesy winter family photo that we did this year for fun =)  All of that is coming SOON!! amazon ashwagandha best automatic pool cleaner