Levi: One year old

My little boy turned one yesterday.  (insert deep sigh here)

As I was getting a massage yesterday afternoon, I was thinking how much better I felt at that moment than I did at that exact time last year.  Obviously, he was a bit of a pain at the time…. and often still is!  But, I can honestly say he’s been the best thing ever and I’ve loved (almost) every minute of it.  He’s so funny and so cuddly and gives the best big slobbery kisses a mama could ever hope for.  He has brought us SO MUCH fun & happiness and I am overwhelmingly thankful for him.  I could never possibly deserve such an amazing gift, but I’m happy to take  it anyway! =)

My top 10 favourite things about Levi so far (in random order):

  1. Our bedtime snuggles
  2. How cute he looks naked (or in anything!)
  3. How he shares his food with his puppy when he thinks we’re not watching
  4. How he makes motor sounds with his mouth when he plays with trucks and tractors
  5. How every morning when Dave brings him into bed with us, the first thing he does is crawl up and give me a kiss
  6. His laugh/squeals… especially when you tickle or chase him
  7. He’s just so passionate about eating (just like his daddy) and it’s hilarious!
  8. His buzz cut, button nose, dimply butt cheeks, chubby hands & feet, those blue eyeballs…
  9. The faces he makes.  He’s always made a large variety and kept us entertained!  My current favourite is the nose scruntch smile.
  10. How he blabbers on about stuff all day, and even moans until he finally falls asleep.
  11. How excited he is to see you if you’ve been gone for a bit
  12. How he laughs at himself when he knows he’s being funny

I could go on and on!  But, obviously what you want is some pictures!  This took me a long time to do, but I’ve narrowed down the masses of images from the past year to large handful of 30-40 favourites…

4 days old….
two weeks old…
4 months…
6-8 months…
His first haircut (a slick buzz)
Watching sports with dad…
Excited to see daddy at lunchtime…
9 months…
On the ferry on our way from Vancouver Island to Whistler…
10 months/Halloween….
11 months…
With his absolute most favourite toy that he plays with all the time…
Levi LOVES our dog, Griffin.  If you’ve ever seen Griffin, then you know he has two different colored eyes and one ear that sticks up higher than the other.
Well, my mom made Levi a birthday cake to resemble Griffin…. and Levi let him lick off his fingers =)
And yesterday for his birthday, we let him loose on another cake in the studio.  Like any responsible mother would, I let him eat until he cried of a belly ache for the sake of pictures =)

Happy Birthday, Levi!  We LOVE you!

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