Monthly Archives: April 2010

Gabe :: 4 days old

I was so happy that the timing worked out perfectly for me to be able to photograph the very new and VERY handsome Gabe just before we left to head south for a week.  He was the perfect little model, all sleepy and cute.  He even let me put him in my wooden bowl, which […]

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Family Life :: The Barnards

Abi and I played together some when we were little girls.  She came to my house for piano lessons with my mom for years, and then she even so so patiently attempted to give me violin lessons a few years ago.  I finally acknowledged that I didn’t have the gift, which may have been greatly […]

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Josh & Meaghan [are getting married!]

Ok, so these guys are a good time.  They are the kind of people that make me totally forget that technically I’m working.  Plus, they’re just so ridiculously good looking that they make my pictures so fabulous…. so how can I not absolutely love these people already??  Josh & Meaghan, my excitement for your wedding […]

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