Raffi & Lindsay, July 10 [ Summerside, PEI ]

I love PEI, I love weddings, and I love awesome people so I kinda hit the jackpot with this one.  I was thrilled when Lindsay asked me to travel to PEI to photograph their wedding.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of times over the past two summers when I photographed two of her bridesmaid’s weddings.  She’s so perky and sweet and just absolutely adorable.  Last summer I sat beside Raffi at a wedding reception and was so happy to see that Lindsay had found herself such an incredibly nice (and handsome!) guy.

Last Saturday, the island handed us some really unpredictable weather… extremely hot and sunny one moment, then pouring the next…. so it kinda kept us guessing.  No worries with this happy couple though.  When it really mattered, the rain mostly just went around us and gave us the window of time we wanted to head to the beach and around Summerside for some fun picture time.  The weather ended up being perfect, we had tons of time to play, and their whole group was so laid back and brought so much fun to every part of the day.

Speaking of so much fun, their reception was rather hilarious as well.  There was some stellar impromptu singing, hoola-hooping, great speeches, and quite possibly the funniest ever garter removal, toss and re-application to the lucky lady who caught the bouquet.  Raffi and Lindsay surprised us all with an amazing choreographed first dance too!

Here’s a little preview of all of that wedding day goodness I’ve been talking about…

I started off with a VERY excited groom and his groomsmen…
Then over to an equally excited bride getting ready with her ladies…
They were married in the church that Lindsay’s parents were married in 30 years ago.  I Love that.
It rained the entire 45 minute drive to the beach, then once we arrived, we had perfect skies =)
The two ladies on the right, Charlotte & Ann, are two of my fabulous former brides.  It was awesome to work with them again!
Raffi & Lindsay obviously adore each other and that just made my job super easy =)
FYI, it is NOT advised to stand in a hammock that people are laying in whilst trying to lean over them to take a picture…
Their reception details were so elegant and gorgeous…
… AND the desert buffet made me so happy.
Raffi’s big brother, Iram (the best man), gave an amazingly heartfelt and super funny speech.
Jeff & Ann, please don’t hate me…. You guys do a fierce Robot and the world needs to know it.
Thanks for an amazing day, you guys!  Congrats!

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