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Booking Sessions [ June-November 2011 ]

So, this is rather overdue, but I wanted to give a little bit of a heads up of how things are going to go this summer and fall in terms of availability.  Life with two young kids, as many of you know, is a big adjustment… but an amazing one that I really don’t want […]

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My Kiddos

Here is a little overdue dosage of Levi & Ruthie cuteness.  These pictures are actually from a couple of weeks ago, but cute just the same…

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Engaged: Sean & Christina

This is about to get a little embarrassing…. but here we go… The year was 1997.  I was in grade 8, and he was in grade 12.  I was an obnoxious 14 year old cheerleader in the hideous stages of early adolescence…. and he was a dreamy star player on the senior boys basketball team. […]

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