Shawn & Lacey | June 18

Last Saturday, just an hour & a half before their ceremony was my first time ever meeting Lacey.  When I arrived at the hotel room where the girls were getting ready, I found them watching Miss Congeniality (one of Lacey’s favourite movies) which was so conveniently playing on cable that afternoon.  You see, the movie really suits Lacey since she’s an RCMP officer out west, which is actually how she met Shawn, who is also in the RCMP.  Anyway, she was just so calm and enjoying the time with her girls and throwing out the occasional quote from the movie.  I felt right at home!  Meanwhile, the men were on the next floor down trying to figure out the all the complexities of cuff-links, suspenders & ties.

Shawn & Lacey surrounded themselves with just 30 or so of their closest family members & friends.  With so many people gathering from several different provinces, meeting together for the first time in quite a while, Shawn & Lacey had planned a really relaxed afternoon with lots of time to visit with their guests.  The rain kept us inside for the majority of the day which resulted in some adjustments to their plans, but as fas as I could tell, they didn’t let it bother them at all and still ended up having an amazing day.  Here are a few of the highlights…

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