Alice & Violet

So, it turns out that Alice & Violet are cousins to CeCe & Theo that I photographed earlier that day (see post below).  All of the adults (parents & a friend) accompanying these cute kiddos to their sessions kept me even more entertained than the kids themselves!  I’m starting to learn myself that there’s not much point getting all uptight about kids being kids.  The more humour you can find in it all, the better chance you have of staying sane.  These parents totally get that and I had a great time being out with their families last week.

Here is miss Violet, and she’s three…

I’m not so sure that Alice knows it, but she’s gorgeous when she laughs…
You see, Alice is soooo 7 going on 17 right now.  Just ask her mama =)
And Violet here can be bribed for moments at a time by promises of peach juice and Timbits.  This was valuable information.
Just look at those pretty eyeballs =)
And from what I gather, this pretty much sums it up…

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Anonymous OMG they are so beautifull and so grown up! Its an honor to call them my grandchildren. So lovable.

Annie The pictures are really beautiful. Love how sweet they all look.

I really don’t believe I am biased at all

just a very proud Nana

Brenda Lindsay, the girls have grown up so much and are absolutely gorgeous. What beautiful pictures.

Lindsay YEAH!!! I love them all and I laughed out loud when I saw supermodel Alice…they are perfect Heather!! thanks so much!

Kaitlin Gorgeous girls! Such great shots of my beautiful nieces =)

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