Cece & Theo

When it comes to photographing young children & babies, there really is no game plan.  Some children love the process and have all kinds of ideas for posing.  Some children spitefully don’t want to give their parents those great images that they are hoping for, and by “some children” I am directly referring to MY son.  And then sometimes, some of them are just kind of unsure of the whole idea.  I had a little mixture the other day with Cece & Theo.  As you’ll see here, CeCe was rather into it….

Theo’s mama brought a bow-tie for him to wear, and at first, he seemed neutral about it…
And then, we started to get the sense that he wasn’t really feelin’ it anymore…
And then neutral again…
Although similar expressions, not really what we were hoping for….  =)
This girl kept cracking me up by saying things like, “Ohh, that’s hysterical.”
Theo here, he’s an independent fella.  He felt a little better propped up on his own without the help of his sister.

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Krystyn Lindsay, I agree. The photo of the poor little man crying and looking oh so cute in his bowtie is priceless! Love it! Note: Men never really seem to outgrow their dislike of dressing up. :)

Amanda Is it bad that I love the one where he’s really not feeling the bow tie? It’s just so cute!

Annie By goodness, the children look so sweet. What a wonderful job

As I said before they are the most beautiful children ever.


Brenda Oh Kaitlin, how sweet are these pics. These are absolutely gorgeous.

Lindsay Why is my favourite one of Theo the one that he is crying??? It’s adorable!!! They are all gorgeous!!

Kaitlin Oh my! Heather, I LOVE these! Thanks so much for capturing these sweet images of my little ones. We had such fun working with you, you’re just so lovely and talented. Thank you muchly =)

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