Monthly Archives: February 2012

Chris & Katie | Engaged!

These two are ADORABLE.  They really are two of the warmest, most sincere people you could ever meet.  I had a great time walking around the UNB campus with them for their session.  They met and fell in love there, so it seemed like the perfect place.  They specifically wanted to go to the library […]

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Coen | Happy 1st Birthday!

I first met my little buddy, Coen for his newborn session when he was just 10 days old.  He was a gorgeous little fella then, and apparently he has just kept on getting even cuter and cuter over the last year!  He turned one this month!  He’s become quite the entertainer… full of funny faces […]

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Levi & Ruthie | V-Day failure

On Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, it suddenly occurred to me half-way through the day that I should do my proper duty as a photographer mama to take some sort of Valentine’s themed photo of my kids.  Due to lack of planning, I grabbed the only red thing they each owned and took them out to the […]

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