Brian & Mary | June 9 [Woodstock/Florenceville]

This is going to be a massive post!  Brian & Mary’s wedding was spectacular in every way.  The ceremony was held at her parents’ riverfront home in Woodstock, and the reception was on the property of Brian’s late grandparents… both, obviously, very special places to them.  The weather was all over the place and definitely kept things interesting!  Nearly 300 guests huddled together under umbrellas to watch Brian & Mary exchange vows that they themselves had written.  After the ceremony, while their guests made their way up river, we snuck off for a few photos and some quiet time for Brian & Mary.  This is always my favourite part of the day… and it was obvious that they were loving the time to themselves as well, making for some incredible images.  Special thanks to my friend and second shooter for the summer, Teshia, for getting some great alternate angles for me, seemingly allowing me to be in two places at once…. a wedding photographer’s dream!

I had such an amazing day, and here is just a small sample of their images….

Love this shot of Brian…
Mary’s shoes and jewellery, and the detail on her dress…. almost as exquisite as she is.
And then it poured…
And then the sun beamed down moments later….
And then it kind of did both….
But they were married and clearly very happy about it!
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked back through the tent and into the dinning area.  I heard it was absolutely spectacular…. and it was.  Brian painted over 2000 jars on their kitchen table over the past several weeks.  I believe it was his mother, Clare, who had hand-sewn the buttons on each of the napkin holders.  The attention to detail was just amazing.
They had a huge vegetarian buffet….
And this masterpiece, a chandelier of 400 mason jars with candles suspended over their dance floor, was also engineered by Brian.  I’ve never seen anything like it!
Pre-dinner speeches from their parents…
And dinner was followed by lots of homemade pie & ice cream…
A few more speeches by their sisters….

And some final words by Brian & Mary before taking the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife.
Flat Top was responsible for the amazing music all night that kept everyone dancing into the early morning hours!
Brian likes to dance… or as Mary put it, “A whole lot of cardio mixed with a complete lack of shame.”
I spotted some great moves out there on the dance floor.  See below: bottom left guy is doing the swimmer move, and the guy bottom right is ripping up some serious air guitar.
Brian & his sister, Katie, rocking out!
Thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your day! amazon ashwagandha best automatic pool cleaner