James & Gillian | July 14, Oakfield, Nova Scotia

The day I saw the news of their engagement surface on Facebook, my little heart hoped that I would get to photograph their wedding.  Last summer, James’ brother married Gillian’s sister, and it was an incredible wedding that I will never forget.  I assumed that this wedding would be just as lovely, and it was.  These two families are a treat to be around, AND they know how to pull together a really spectacular event.  The weather was hot and sunny, the location was gorgeous, the people were happy, and the decor was beautifully handmade.  Most of it, in fact, handmade by Gillian herself.  She designed and sewed her own gown and all of the bridesmaid’s dresses as well.  She also made all of her own jewellery and most of the decor details at the reception…. including the chandeliers!  Here is a huge, and yet only a slight, overview of their amazing day…

James’ brothers, David & Jon Bryant. Phenomenal vocals!  Visit Jon’s site and be sure to have a listen.  I frequently listen to his music while editing.

And finally, one more reason why I love doing weddings with these families… they put out one amazing cheesecake buffet!!

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