At Home with the Phillips Family

Almost two months ago I had a desire to try something a little different for me, so I pretty much invited myself into the home of the Phillips family :)  My intent was to document the typical everyday stuff that most people try to hide from me when I come around with my camera.  You know, the behind the scenes look at life at home with young children. The laundry, the toys, rowdy play, mealtime, bedtime routines, etc.  I feel pretty strongly from my personal experience that this little everyday stuff is actually the big stuff when you look back as your kids change so quickly.

In short, the Phillips crew was awesome to let me come into their home and document a couple hours of their day like that, and I think we pulled together a pretty special keepsake for them in return.  Here is a little look at a few of the pages in their resulting album…

And yes, this is something I’d be interested in doing more of and will now be offering if you’d like to document your family in this way :)

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