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So the evening started like this, all calm and pretty…. I turn my back for a moment and then it’s going like this… So I think, well, at least take her pretty dress off…. And Levi is all like, “WooooHooo!!!!! Wait for me!!!”…. And then it all just quickly got out of control… And then […]

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Tyler & Katie

A few days ago, I was driving towards Mactaquac with the sunroof open and the warm evening sun beaming in on me, and I was excited to spend a little time with Tyler and Katie.  I had been cooped up in the house for the past few days with two young kids and feeling pretty […]

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Craig & Ebony

What’s my favourite thing about these two?  Well, I think it’s just how comfortable and real they are with each other and people around them.  Well, it’s either that or how adorably playful and in love they are.  I can’t decide :) We got together last week at their new home that they are fixing […]

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