Happy Birthday, Ruthie

Three years ago on Valentine’s Day at 6:40am our little Ruthie came rushing into our lives, 9 days early.  Not long at all after I realized that I was definitely in labor and arrived at the hospital, she was placed up on my chest, all tiny and squishy faced.  The next day we were headed home as a family of four, our family feeling perfectly complete.  She has been the best addition around here.  I don’t really know where to start or what words to use to properly describe her and do her multi-faceted little self justice.  Instead I’ll share a few of my favourite things about life with Ruthie, and of course, a few of my favourite photos of her from the last three years…

  • I love that she’s a girl.  Having one of each is a lot of fun!
  • I love that she sucks her thumb.  She started at 9 weeks old and sucks her left thumb, just like I did.  I think it’s the cutest thing.
  • She has this amazing, deep, rather devious laugh.  SO funny.
  • Her curly, strawberry-blonde hair and how it’s always completely out control.  I choose to just let it humour me because it’s seemingly untameable.
  • The girl loves Keith Urban.  As in she watches his concert DVD almost daily and says things like, “I love Keith Urban”
  • She’s super expressive and gets these huge, sparkly eyeballs when she’s excited to tell you something.  (If you haven’t watched the video I posted of her colouring, go find it here in my videos on Facebook)
  • Her grumpy, arms-crossed scowls are pretty awesome too, especially if she gives the foot stomp.  She’s fiery.
  • I love how her little bum looks in her panties.
  • She loves to be tickled, which is perfect because I love to listen to her laugh.
  • She’ll get you to pick her up, seemingly for a snuggle, and then she’ll put her hands on the sides of your face, tilt her head, and ask you for something ridiculous with a sweet little smile… like to have marshmallows for breakfast.
  • Or how sometimes I’ll go downstairs to find her already eating marshmallows for breakfast.
  • She loves loves loves to be read to and to then read the book back to you or her dolls.  She takes such good care of her babies.
  • Every morning we hear her door open and her little footsteps coming down the hall and then she climbs up in our bed beside Dave to snuggle.  She looooooves her daddy.

This was her reaction to Dave telling her how pretty she is :)
She’s rather mischievous…
She’ll always let you know exactly how she feels!
I love this photo that Elisabeth Nixon (Dave’s cousin) took of these two….
The kid LOVES dill pickles.  She refuses to eat most normal kid foods, but inhales dill pickles, just like daddy.
She can be quite girly in many ways, but she’s not afraid to get messy…
She has mastered prolonging bedtime by playing the “I want to watch hockey with Daddy” card… which Dave cannot refuse.  I used that one a time or two in my early years.
Sometimes you’ll find her in situations like this….
She has been learning to skate this year!
She’s an “I do it myself!!!” kind of girl…
She LOVES to paint…
She usually loves her brother…
Happy 3rd Birthday, Ruthie!

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