Paul & Joanna | Married!

There are several reasons why I am so glad to have been able to photograph Paul & Joanna’s wedding day.  For starters, it was in warm, sunny Florida.  Considering the amount of snow still lurking around here in early April, it was a welcome change. Secondly, Dave & the kids joined me and we were all able to do some nice visiting with family there and stay a few extra days for some vacation time.  But most importantly, I knew that Paul & Joanna’s wedding day was going be be something really special.  You see, they have an amazing love story, that is an undeniable demonstration of their solid hope and faith in God and His perfect timing, comfort, and faithfulness.  The buzz of pure joy and gratitude to God for creating them for each other and then eventually bringing them together in the way that He did, was so apparent, and it was truly heart-warming…. and tear-inducing.  Joanna is my husband’s younger cousin, and her family and ours are quite close, so we’ve been following along with their story for a few years now.  April 5th was probably the most anticipation and emotion-filled wedding day I have ever personally experienced.  Friends and family gathered in Sanford, Florida from near and far, several who live in more remote areas as missionaries.  I know for sure of family who came from Brazil, South Africa, Norway, several from around the US, and even a few of us Canadians were there too :)  Paul & Joanna have so much love and support behind them, and everyone was beyond excited to be there to cheer them on as they start their married lives together!

Our preview starts off at the New Tribes Mission headquarters in Sanford where Joanna’s parents serve and she grew up.  Paul’s family and groomsmen were housed here, and the boys started the day off right with a little basketball…

Meanwhile, Joanna and her girls were getting ready at her sister Elisabeth’s house…
Joanna with her beautiful sisters and mama.  Incredible group of ladies.

That’s Paul’s dad who is marrying them!
They exchanged the most beautiful of vows that they wrote themselves… amazon ashwagandha best automatic pool cleaner