Dave & Candace

This was sort of a last minute “Hey, we’re going to be in your area and are you possibly available for a session??” type of deal.  Dave and Candace live just outside of Halifax and were in Fredericton for a wedding Candace was photographing on the weekend.  I was actually headed to Nova Scotia for a family session that weekend, but we managed to overlap here on Thursday evening and make it happen.  This adorable pair were married nearly 3 years ago and I loved loved loved photographing them and their wedding so much. They are the real deal of a couple, so supportive and affectionate with an amazing underlying friendship, and they are really creative and fun to be around.  It was such a treat to be able to visit again, have a little photography chat with Candace, and to have the awesome privilege of photographing them again.  I loved it all!  Here are a bunch of my favourites…

The rain really started to fall, but we were having too much fun to quit :)

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