Brent & Megan | Married

I’ve been quite fortunate to have travelled much of Canada from coast to coast, loving pretty much all of it.  But Newfoundland was still on my list of must-go places.  When Megan contacted me about coming over to photograph her wedding, I was all over it.  Naturally, we made an extended stay of it, with both Teshia and myself taking our husbands, “The Daves” along.  It was the first time there for all of us, and I think we all felt the same… in love with it.  Over our days there, we spent our time driving around looking for little coffee shops and bakeries and a variety of seafood, looking for any remaining icebergs, and climbing to the highest peaks to enjoy the incredible scenery…. scenery which reminded all of us so much of our trip to Ireland the previous year.  Our journey to Newfoundland started Friday evening with us boarding the smallest plane we had ever been on…. a full flight where we were 4 of the 11 on board passengers…. including the pilots.  We eventually arrived to our little rental home in charming Twillingate around 5:30am on Saturday and climbed into our beds to try to catch an hour or two of sleep before needing to be up to go start our coverage of the day.  It was a foggy, wet day… which, for whatever reason, just kind of suited my vision of what things should be like in Newfoundland.  We found some breakfast overlooking the harbour, which we were happy to discover that these ocean views seemed to be the norm almost anywhere you went.  We started our coverage at Brent & Megan’s house with the girls and were floored by their adorable ocean front home with spectacular panoramic views.  Everyone was calm and happy and we settled right in.  Their plans of being married outside at a nearby farm were unfortunately ruined by the recent wet weather, but they took it in stride and moved things to indoor venues in town.  A very emotional Brent watched Megan come down the aisle and they were married at the Salvation Army Church.  Brent & Megan and their entire (large!) wedding party were such troopers walking through wet grass in the rain out onto rocky points to satisfy my creative wishes :)  Megan, a photographer herself, allowed lots of time for us to roam around and make these beautiful portraits of them… and I loved it.  Here is a little overview of their wedding day…. amazon ashwagandha best automatic pool cleaner