Chad & Brooke | Perth, NB

I loved Chad & Brooke’s wedding.  Brooke’s earthy, boho stylings were perfect, and their easy-going personalities were certainly evident as well.  The girl had a beautiful vision and saw it through, despite lots of rain.  Hosted at her childhood home, they were married in the woods where she played as a child, and their reception tent was set beside the giant oak tree, something that has always symbolized ‘home’ for her (so much so that she and her sister got acorn tattoos the week before the wedding!)  I LOVE when my couples put so much personal meaning into the elements of their day like that.  The setting was ideal, the mood was fun & light, the people were crazy & hilarious, and Chad & Brooke were so relaxed & happy.  It was honestly a joy to be a part of it all.  And the bonus to top it all off?  We had tacos and cheesecake…. how great is that?!? amazon ashwagandha best automatic pool cleaner