Nick & Abbie | Jackson Falls, NB

This was such a lovely day.  These two are classy, yet at the same time they are fun, sweet & sincere, and have the most endearing adoration for each other.  They were married at the same little country church as her parents several years before, and included many musical components throughout the day, which is a shared profession and passion of theirs.  I loved everything about their day (well, except the smothering heat!) and I was so honoured to have been a part of it!  Here is a little preview…

I love this moment that my assistant shooter Ebony captured of Abbie when she saw her dad….
My angle…
My assistant shooter Ebony took this photo of me working.  Abbie, the bride, is wearing my flats instead of her heels, and they are sitting on my shirt to stay clean :)

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