Kris & Kelita [are getting married!]

It was COLD.  But they came anyway.  The snow was DEEP.  But they hiked up hill anyway.  The ground was FROZEN.  But they sat their butts on it anyway.  Yup, I like these two.  Lots.

Besides being total troopers, there’s lots of things that I have already found to like about Kris & Kelita.  For instance, how relaxed they are and how they make you feel comfortable by just being around them.  They are quick to smile and laugh, even at my stupid comments.  How cute they look together in pictures, which makes my job so easy.  That they are taking Dave & I to the Dominican Republic with them in April for a week so I can photograph their wedding. Sitting here on this freezing January day, I’m thinking they might just be my two new favourite people =)

Kris & Kelita, it was a lot of fun braving the cold, windy day with you!  Enjoy your preview!


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Laura WOW…these pictures are wonderful!!

stacey WOW These pictures are beautiful,love the winter scene,you don’t often see are so beautiful kelita,congrats to you and Chris

andrea langdon Hey Heather. What great shots of this cute couple. Love the barn door way and the hats. Have fun in the DR!

Susan Super fun to have these pictures in the cold snow and then have the wedding ones on the beach!! Looks like you had a ton of fun!
Great pics once again!

Kelita Oh my Heather I love the pictures, they turned out great. That sure was a cold day, but the next time we are taking pictures it will be under the sun!! Thanks so much for a wonderful day!!

Natalie I am so jealous, Dominican in April sounds heavenly. Great job as usual Heather. Can’t wait for the wedding photos

missy tucker oh my goodness Kelita these are beautiful. You guys looks so adroable. I can’t wait for the weddding photos! Heather has done it again!

Anonymous Melissa – you guys look so adorable. I love every pic…heather has done it again!

michelle These are amazing! I love them,

Mom & Dad Kris & Kelita…….
You are a lovely couple and the photos are awesome. Can not wait to meet Heather and Dave on your Wedding Trip to the Dominican. We are going to have a beautiful Wedding down South with Family and Friends.

Mary-Lee Hey heather!!! These are awesome!!! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! You guys look great Kelita!!!

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