Mauricio & Mallory

It was so nice to finally meet Mauricio & Mallory for the first time.  With them planning their wedding from Halifax, we’ve only had emails and a couple of phone chats up until Monday evening.  I could tell that Mallory was a sweetie, but to spend a little time with them and photograph them was an awesome treat.  They were keen to stay snuggled in close, and I don’t think it was just because it was fairly chilly out either.  Poor Mauricio, who moved to Canada from Mexico 3 years ago, is still adjusting to the colder temperatures here.  He suffered a little separation anxiety from his coat, but he made it through like a trooper with Mallory by his side :)  More than just taking pretty pictures of a couple, my main goal is to always capture the love and connection between them, and to have a fun time doing it.  Success.

Gosh, they’re adorable.  Look at all that love :)
Doesn’t Mallory has the biggest, prettiest smile??!!

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Joanne toner love the pictures heather, you did a wonderful job. love love love,

Mallory Thank you so much Heather! We are thrilled with them! xoxo

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