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Happy Birthday, Ruthie

Three years ago on Valentine’s Day at 6:40am our little Ruthie came rushing into our lives, 9 days early.  Not long at all after I realized that I was definitely in labor and arrived at the hospital, she was placed up on my chest, all tiny and squishy faced.  The next day we were headed […]

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Oh dear goodness, my heart could explode.  It’s no secret how much I love babies, and then there is this whole other level of adoration for the thumb suckers and extra chubby ones.  I can’t help myself!  Feast your eyes on Wyatt, an awesomely chunky and handsome little guy… He is as hefty and squishy […]

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Rory is a good time!  He rolled in with lots of style and smiles and I had SO much fun with him.  He has gorgeous big, blue eyes and the perfect cheeks for smooching!

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